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Academic Advising Program, CoAS

Paige Abe (919) 843-8924
Senior Academic Advisor, Academic Advising


Cameron Allen (919) 966-5116
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising


Allie Barton (919) 962-0088
Admin Support Specialist, Academic Advising


Nicole Cobb
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising


Krystal Johnson (919) 843-3341
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising


Krystal Johnson (919) 843-3341
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising


Cliff Jones (919) 843-8921
Senior Academic Advisor, Academic Advising


Susan Maloy (919) 843-9029
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising


Allison Mitchall (919) 962-3404
Assistant Dean, Academic Advising


Piyusha Mittal (919) 966-5116
AS Non-Degree Graduate, College of Arts and Sciences


Robert Palermo (919) 843-4481
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising


Jessica Sadr (919) 843-1691
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising


Eric Smith (919) 962-7607
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising


Lynn Tocci
Assistant Dean for Academic Advising, Academic Advising


Linwood Webster (919) 843-3451
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising


Campus Y

Jakelin Bonilla (919) 962-2333
Social Innovation and Initiatives Coordinator, Student Affairs Campus Y


Yalitza Ramos (919) 962-2333
Assistant Director, Student Affairs Campus Y


Carolina Center for Public Service

Adriana Parker (919) 843-7568
Administrative Support Associate, Carolina Center for Public Services


Carolina Covenant

Shonda Goward (919) 985-4696
Grant Specialist, Scholarships and Student Aid


Carolina Higher Education Opportunity Programs

Paula Borden (919) 966-2264
Co-Director, CHEOP


Deanna Davis
Assistant Director for Client Services, Scholarships and Student Aid


James Andrew Huggins (919) 843-2706
Admissions Coordinator, SPH – Student Affairs


Carolina Housing

Mariam Azzam (919) 843-8234
Assistant Director of Marketing, SA Housing and Residential Education


Kala Bullett (919) 962-5401
Director, SA Housing and Residential Education


Kate Dicato (919) 962-7215
Assistant Director, SA Housing and Residential Education


Jess Evans
Associate Director for Residential Living, SA Housing and Residential Education


Nicole Grandy (919) 962-0309
Student Housing Community Director, SA Housing and Residential Education


Ashley Gray (919) 962-1285
Associate Director for Assessment, SA Housing and Residential Education


Tess Guerra (919) 445-4840
Package Center Manager & Conference Manager, SA Housing and Residential Education


Stacey Parker (919) 537-3893
Assistant Director of Academic Initiatives, SA Housing and Residential Education


Krista Prince (919) 962-5101
Assistant Director, SA Housing and Residential Education


Katie Reese (919) 962-0726
Package Center Manager, SA Housing and Residential Education


Colin Warner (919) 370-4516
Student Housing Community Director, Student Affairs Housing and Residential Education


Carolina Student Legal Services, Inc.

Fran Muse
Director Carolina Student Legal Services, Student Affairs Carolina Union


Tristan Routh
Staff Attorney, Student Affairs Carolina Union


Lauren Shoffner
Staff Attorney, Student Affairs Carolina Union


Carolina Women’s Center

Shelley Gist Kennedy (919) 843-5892
SG Master of Public Administration, School of Government


Holly Lovern (919) 962-7430
Gender Violence Services Coordinator


Center for Faculty Excellence

Emily Boehm (919) 962-9971
CFE Faculty Development Consultant, Center for Faculty Excellence


Center for Global Initiatives

Iyman Ahmed (911) 843-6842
Program Manager, Center for Global Initiatives


Brandy Arellano (919) 962-6857
Program Manager, the Center of Global Initiatives


Katie Constanza (919) 843-7546
Research, Communication & Program Manager


Counseling and Psychological Services

Kadeisha Bonsu (919) 966-3658
Social Work Practitioner, SA Counseling Psychological Services


Elizabeth Christensen (919) 966-3658
Psychologist, SA Counseling Psychological Services


Sophia Davis (919) 966-3658
Social Work Practitioner, SA Counseling Psychological Services


Maribel Diaz (919) 843-7776
Psychologist, SA Counseling Psychological Services


Rachel Honig (919) 966-3658
Clinical Social Worker, SA Counseling Psychological Services


Sarah Lewis (919) 966-6358
Social Worker Practitioner, SA Counseling Psychological Services


Laura Spencer (919) 966-3658
Social Work Practitioner, SA Counseling Psychological Services


Curriculum in Global Studies

Zach Ward (919) 962-7078
Student Services Specialist, Global Studies


Department of Art and Art History

Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay (919) 962-2015
Professor of the Practice, Art – Art History


Department of Asian Studies

Ash Barnes (919) 962-4294
Student Services Specialist, Asian Studies


Department of Communication Studies

Abby Mitcham (919) 962-2311
Admissions & Enrolled Students Specialist, Graduate School


Department of Mathematics

Hans Christianson
Associate Professor, Mathematics


Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Michelle Hightower (919) 966-9005
Student Services Specialist, Microbiology and Immunology


Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Angel Truesdale (919) 843-5878
Student Services Specialist, Pathology Laboratory Medicine


Department of Philosophy

Sally Moore (919) 843-5641
University Program Associate, Philosophy


Department of Physics and Astronomy

Maggie Jensen (919) 962-7173
Graduate Affairs Coordinator, Physics and Astronomy


Greg Smith (919) 962-9776
Immigration and Faculty Recruitment Manager, Kenan-Flagler Business School


Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

Rachel Penton (919) 962-9235
Teaching Assistant Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience


Department of Romance Studies

Shavon Carey (919) 962-8174
Student Services Specialist, Romance Studies


Amy Chambless (919) 843-2042
Teaching Professor, Romance Studies


Emil Keme (919) 962-2059
Associate Professor, Romance Studies


Heather Knorr (919) 962-2062
Teaching Assistant Professor, Romance Studies


Heather Minchew (919) 962-5327
Administrative Support Associate, Romance Studies


Department of Statistics and Operations Research

Christine Keat (919) 962-2307
Student Services Manager, Statistics and Operations Research


Diversity and Student Success

Maria Erb (919) 966-2613
Co-Director, Graduate School


Yesenia Pedro Vicente (919) 843-7261
Diversity and Student Success Program Coordinator, Graduate School


Kathy Wood (919) 962-2509
Co-director, Graduate School


Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office

Camille Brooks (919) 966-1549
Sr. EO Compliance Consultant, Equal Opportunity/Compliance


Friday Center for Continuing Education

Melissa Solomon (919) 445-4706
Academic Advisor, The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education


Gillings School of Global Public Health

Bryan Andregg (919) 843-4394
Security and Systems Manager, SPH – Information Technology


Jonathan Earnest (919) 966-7212
Lead Academic Coordinator, SPH-Student Affairs


Valerie Hudock (919) 966-7459
Assistant to the Chair for Graduate Studies, SPH – Student Affairs


Jenna Keith (919) 966-2499
Student Funding and Awards Coordinator, SPH – Student Affairs


Naya Villarreal (919) 843-5491
Associate Director, Research, Innovation and Global Solutions


Humanities for the Public Good Initiative

Robyn Schroeder (919) 962-9125
HPG Initiative Director, Arts and Sciences Deans Office


Information Technology Services

Daniel Rayburn-Reeves (919) 533-9326
ResNET Web Applications Developer, ITS – User Support Engagement


Phil Young (919) 962-7441
ResNET Technology Coordinator, ITS – Support and Engagement


International Student and Scholar Services

Elizabeth Barnum (919) 962-5661
Retiree, OHR Benefits and Leave Administration


Trinh Nguyen (919) 962-5661
International Student & Scholar Advisor, UNC Global


Kory Sopko (919) 962-5661
International Scholar Advisor, UNC Global


Kenan-Flagler Business School

Lisa Beisser (919) 962-8862
Director of Admissions, UBP


Glen Buickerood (919) 962-5327
Student Engagement Coordinator, Kenan-Flagler Business School


David Hare (919) 962-3171
Recruitment Services Coordinator, Kenan-Flagler Business School


Angelica Harris (919) 962-9315
Student Wellness Coach, Kenan-Flagler Business School


Michael Penny (919) 962-3894
Associate Director of Student Engagement, Kenan-Flagler Business School


David Vogel
Director, Undergraduate Business Program


LGBTQ Center

April Callis (919) 843-5376
Assistant Director, Student Affairs LGBTQ Center


Terri Phoenix (919) 843-5376
Director of LGBTQ Center, Student Affairs LBTQ Center


New Student & Family Programs

Emily Hooks (919) 445-6156
Research Assistant, Sheps Center for Health Services Research


Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life

Berengére Phillips (919) 962-9735
Assistant Director, SA Fraternity and Sorority Life


Office of Human Resources

Linda Butler
Pharmacy Foundation Board, Pharmacy Foundation


Office of Student Life and Leadership

Bobby Kunstman (919) 966-3838
Director of Student Life and Leadership


Office of the Dean of Students

Suzie Baker
Senior Assistant, Dean of Students


Katie Bess Hilbinger (919) 966-4042
Assistant Case Manager, Student Affairs; Dean of Students


Dawna Jones (919) 966-4042
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs


Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Nikole Nickerson (919) 445-8323
Assistant Director, Admissions


Elizabeth Heetderks (919) 843-9701
Application Evaluator – SHRA, Admissions


Lauralee H. Long (919) 966-3978
Senior Records Manager, Admissions


Emily Simpson (919) 843-7286
Assistant Program Director, Admissions


Madeline Snider (919) 843-9700
Assistant Director, Admissions


Office of Undergraduate Curricula

Matthews, La-Deidre


Office of Undergraduate Retention

Katie Cartmell (919) 843-2987
Associate Director, Academic Advising


Carolyn Ebeling (919) 843-5628
Access Assistant, SA Accessibility Resources Services


Carmen González
Lookout Scholars Director, Student Success Academic Counseling


Trista Law
Student Success Specialist, Academic Advising


School of Education

Elizabeth Allen (919) 215-3825
SN Doctor of Philosophy, School of Education


Anne Bryan (919) 966-1346
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, School of Education


Jill Hamm (919) 966-7395
Professor, School of Education


Olivia Jb Scott Kamkwamba (919) 537-3611
SE Doctor of Philosophy, School of Education


Robert Martínez (919) 445-8389
Assistant Professor, School of Education


Lucia Mock (919) 962-7844
SE Doctor of Philosophy, School of Education


Christner Scott (919) 966-9531
Desktop Support Analyst, Student Affairs Information Technician


Caroline Weaver (919) 966-2436
Executive Assistant, School of Education


School of Government

Elizabeth C. Langefeld (919) 843-7330
MPA Associate Director, Academic Advising & Student Life, SOG MPA Program


School of Information and Library Science

Lori Haight (919) 962-2226
Career Services Coordinator, School of Information and Library Science


School of Law

Kaci Bishop (919) 962-1527
Clinical Associate Professor, School of Law


School of Medicine

Nicole Cornett Arnold (919) 966-1153
Student Services Specialist, Pharmacology Department


School of Medicine

Virginia Lewis (919) 843-5649
Enlace Service Manager


School of Nursing

Yolonda Childs, (919) 962-8981
Student Services Professional, School of Nursing-OASIS


Student Wellness

Kratzer, Nicky


The Graduate School

Ashalla Freeman (919) 843-9587
Director, Graduate Education


Laura Pratt (919) 966-9250
Fellowship Programs Coordinator, Graduate School


Brian Rybarczyk (919) 962-2505
Assistant Dean, Graduate School


The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid

Delynette Allsbrook (919) 843-6042
Assistant Director, Scholarships and Student Aid


Jacquelyn Copeland (919) 962-4161
Senior Associate Director, Scholarships and Student Aid


Erica Corini (919) 843-9640
Senior Assistant Director, Scholarships and Student Aid


Jayne Davis (919) 962-7224
Director of Scholar Well-Being, Scholarships and Student Aid


Grace Hatcher (919) 962-4164
Systems and Loan Coordinator, Scholarships and Student Aid


Antonio Squire (919) 962-4169
Student Services Specialist, Scholarship and Student Aid



UNC Development Office

Kandace Farrar (919) 962-3423
Director of Development for Scholarships and Student Aid, University Development Office


UNC School of Social Work

Sharon Thomas (919) 962-4367
Assistant Dean of RAFA, School of Social Work


UNC World View

Hazael Andrew (919) 843-5332
Associate Director, World View


UNC Writing Center

Becky Butler (919) 962-1192
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Linguistics


Warren Christian (919) 843-9604
ESL Specialist, Writing and Learning Center


University Career Services

Jonathan Adams (919) 843-0844
Assistant Director, SA University Career Services


Mary Rosage (919) 843-9449
Assistant Director, SA University Career Services


Stephenie Wilson (919) 962-6507
Associate Director, SA University Career Services


University Libraries

Katelyn Ander (919) 962-4143
Media Center Manager, University Library


Angela Bardeen (919) 962-3650
Head, Humanities & Social Sciences, University Library


Lucas Darden (919) 962-1324
Supervisor, University Library


Maria Estorino
Director, Wilson Library & AUL for Special Collections


Monica Figueroa
Music Cataloging Librarian, University Library


Laura Hart (919) 962-4240
Technical Services Archivist, University Library


Josh Hockensmith (919) 962-2397
Art Library Assistant, University Library


Douglas Hollingsworth (919) 962-1345
Collecting & Public Programming Archivist, University Library


Sarah Huener (919) 962-1324
General Collections Conservation Technician, University Library


Nancy Kaiser (919) 962-4293
Technical Services Archivist, University Library


Rebekah Kati
Institutional Repository Librarian, University Library


Denise Thompson
Banquet Captain, Alumni Association Office


University Office for Diversity & Inclusion

Gretchen Bellamy (919) 843-1895
Sr. Director, Diversity and Inclusion


Adrianne Gibilisco (919) 843-6085
Public Communication Specialist, WSEE-Communications


University Ombuds Office

Victoria Dowd (919) 843-8204
University Program Specialist, University Ombuds Office